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A little bit of bibliometry (last update: January 25, 2019):

Source NoP NoC NoC* h i10
SCOPUS 55 1245 1164 18 29
Web of Science 58 1145 1071 17 24
Google Scholar 117 2632 n.a. 26 54
Column legend:
  • NoP: number of publications
  • NoC: number of citations
  • NoC*: number of citations without self-citations (if available)
  • h: Hirsch index
  • i10: i10 index, i.e. number of publications with at least 10 citations
The citation counts above are numbers of individual references, not numbers of unique citing documents. The numbers for SCOPUS do not include citations to publications of which I was co-author as member of a consortium.

Erdős number: 3 (U. Bodenhofer → B. Moser → I. Joó → P. Erdős)


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