Ulrich Bodenhofer's Research Activities

For details on my current and previous research activities, consult my publications.

Primary topics of active research:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, with special focus on:
  • Sales analytics
  • Computer vision applications
  • Big data in industry
  • Recommender systems
  • Biomedical data analysis
  • Financial data analysis

Former research topics

  • Deep Learning in genomics
  • Classification of biological sequences using kernel methods
  • Genome-wide association studies involving rare SNPs
  • Clustering of biological sequences using affinity propagation
  • Biclustering of gene expression data
  • Prediction of operons and regulatory interactions from gene expression data
  • Theory and applications of fuzzy relations, in particular, fuzzy orderings
  • Fuzzy rule-based machine learning and interpretability of fuzzy systems
  • Genetic fuzzy systems
  • Clustering and self-organizing maps
  • Knowledge-based methods in image processing
  • Preference modeling and decision analysis
  • Applications of fuzzy relations in flexible query answering systems